The patented GIBSON MOUTECH MOUSSE revolutionizes the previously known mousse technology!

Patented ring-shaped constrictions offer two significant improvements over conventional technology in tough racing conditions:


1. the constrictions take up additional volume of mousse gel during assembly, which leads to a more effective distribution of the gel and thus to a better dissipation of the heat generated This significantly increases the operating times of the GIBSON MOUTECH MOUSSE.


2. the patented constrictions increase the tyre contact area. The result: improved adhesion, maximum grip and extreme steering precision significantly improve driving performance.


GIBSON MOUTECH MOUSSE is available in the "medium/hard" version with eight rings (constrictions), which corresponds to an air pressure of approx. 0.9 bar, and for extreme use in the "soft" version with 16 rings, which corresponds to an air pressure of approx. 0.7 bar.


GIBSON MOUTECH MOUSSE is vacuum packaged and fitted with a central support ring. This guarantees a longer shelf life during storage and prevents possible deformation. Our mousse is thereby protected from any external impacts. It is delivered in a sturdy cardboard packaging as well.


The number mentioned in the dimension indicates the number of annular neckings for the respective mousse dimension: (4), (6), (8) or (16)


The GIBSON MOUTECH MOUSSE for the 65cc class 60/100-14 and 80/100-12 dimensions is cuttable and therefore adaptable to different carcass sizes of other manufacturers.


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