GIBSON, pneu TECH 7.1 Rear (hom. estrada)

GIBSON, pneu TECH 7.1 Rear (hom. estrada)

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GIBSON TECH 7.1 Rear (hom. estrada)


Gibson Tyre Technology have designed the perfect all round Enduro tyre range that combines extreme traction and performance with high efficiency and durability for the Hardcore Enduro world.
The Carcass technology from all of our competitors has been reverse engineered
and studied, the Tech 7.1 offers a light weight flexible carcass with high tear strength polyester to ensure maximum traction without comprising durability and safety.

The Gibson Tech 7.1 has been designed for non FIM events, this tyre is the ultimate tyre for moving dirt out of the way and finding incredible traction in harder to reach places. The 7.1 benefits
from a higher tread depth which results in a sharper bite in deeper terrains as well as increased clearing properties, whatever the conditions this tyre will keep you moving forward.


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